How do I book a Celebrity for an event in India?

Everyone wants to book a Celebrity for their events as Celebrities add glamour to the events, but hardly anyone knows how to book them. Likewise, I was also not aware of the same, so I tried a few ways to book the celebrity for my wedding event. I will tell you what all I tried and what worked and what not?  Let’s explore all the ways to book a celebrity for an event in India and which one is my recommendation.

Contact the Celebrity on Facebook or Twitter /Emails-

Many people want to book a Bollywood celebrity or speaker directly. They try to contact the celebrity or artist by messaging them on their social media pages. So I tried the same, sent so many messages to them asking for their manager numbers and fee. But no one replied to any of the messages.

It is very tough to get a reply from the celebrity who has millions of followers and they get a number of fans

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