How do I book a Celebrity for an event in India?

Everyone wants to book a Celebrity for their events as Celebrities add glamour to the events, but hardly anyone knows how to book them. Likewise, I was also not aware of the same, so I tried a few ways to book the celebrity for my wedding event. I will tell you what all I tried and what worked and what not? 
Let’s explore all the ways to book a celebrity for an event in India and which one is my recommendation.

Contact the Celebrity on Facebook or Twitter /Emails-

Many people want to book a Bollywood celebrity or speaker directly. They try to contact the celebrity or artist by messaging them on their social media pages. So I tried the same, sent so many messages to them asking for their manager numbers and fee. But no one replied to any of the messages.

It is very tough to get a reply from the celebrity who has millions of followers and they get a number of fans messaging them or sending DM’s to them. This is just simply a waste of time and effort. Also, most of the emails available on the internet are fake and you will hardly find any direct phone or emails of them to book or contact them directly for events.

How to Book Bollywood celebrity directly through their PR Agency

The next method is to book a celebrity for an event through their PR Agencies. Most of the celebrities or artists are managed by their PR agencies who look after their deals like Brand Endorsements, Digital endorsements, Live appearances, and other deals. First of all, you will not get to know which PR agency manages which actor. Somehow I managed to get a few of them. Most of them did not reply to my emails and calls.

And those who replied they denied to work with them directly as they wanted to have any other agency in between on my behalf to lock this deal as these artists or celebrity management companies work regularly with the celebrity’s PR agencyand they know how to close the deal and coordinate and make the event professionally and flawlessly. No doubt they have better deals too, as they work regularly with the celebrities and book them frequently.

Also the agencies I found on Google everyone was claiming to manage the celebrity exclusively. Every time I asked any PR agency if you manage exclusively the celebrity I asked and everyone said yes they manage exclusively. So it is hard to believe these agencies and give them such a filthy amount.

Book the celebrity with Celebrity management companies

As I  understood the concept that as these celebrity management companies work regularly they know their job better and they always have better rates. Also, as when you call a celebrity, you don’t want to focus on the coordination with celebrities or their managers as you yourself will be busy in the event so you would not want to take that extra responsibility on your head. You surely don’t want to miss the fun on that day.

So I started to search a few Celebrity management companies to lock this deal for me and book the celebrity for my event. While I was searching companies I got many options available. But again, most of them have no idea about the fees of the celebrity I asked for. Few of them again took 2-3 days to revert for the query I sent them to their email. Those who claimed to have done events with big Bollywood celebrities did not have the profile to justify the same.

Why did I Book a celebrity by BookmyArtistIndia?

After so many efforts I got to know about this brand BookmyArtistIndia. I was so impressed by their website as they have uploaded so many pictures of the events that they have done on the website and their social media pages. They were so quick to reply to my query which I sent to them. Within 5 minutes I got the call back from their artist manager who took my brief and sent me the quotations and availability quickly.

They have worked with almost all big Bollywood celebrities, singers, sports players, motivational speakers, celebrity anchors, Punjabi singers, and many more. They have the expertise to get you the best rates for any celebrity you inquire for.

I hardly had any doubt when I booked my celebrity with them. They did all the coordination on my behalf, locked the deal at the best rates, and executed the event so well. The celebrity was on time at the event, in fact, he stayed more than the duration he was paid for. Maybe BookmyArtistIndia shares that good relation with celebrities. I would recommend to book celebrity speakers, anchors, Bollywood celebrities, singers.


It is not easy to book the celebrity directly, especially by sending messages on their social media. They hardly reply and all emails provided on the internet are mostly fake.

PR agencies can be reached to book the desired celebrity, but there are very few agencies who are genuine and who want to work with the end customer directly. Otherwise, most of the agencies prefer to have a celebrity management company to lock the deal on behalf of the client and execute and do the coordination as they are more professional.

I would recommend booking the celebrity through celebrity management companies and especially on the website of as I find them very professional and have connections to all celebrities you need with the best rates too.

So which celebrity you are looking to call on your event and how would you want them to book?

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