Neeti Palta is a famous stand-up comedian in India. She is famous for appearing in Amazon Prime's comedy web TV series “Almost Sanskari” (2019). Neeti has been a part of the comedy scene since it's inception in India and enjoys the reputation of being "that cheeky girl"! With a writing background in advertising and TV she draws influences from real life experiences, humans and our Indian innateness.



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Best Female Standup Comedian in India

Awarded 'Best Standup Comic at the RAW Oz Fest India, she was also the first stand up comic to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She came up with the name 'Munch' for the Nestle Munch chocolate. She suggested 'Ye rahi Pepsi, ye raha glass.' That even surprised her as well because it got huge.

Her comedy has a universal appeal across borders, cultures and age groups. Being part of the English comedy scene since its inception in India, she is a homegrown talent who enjoys the reputation of bexing “that cheeky girl”. Drawing influences from real life, humans and our innate Indian-ness, Neeti’s comedy is an honest and clean account of her experiences and feelings.

The 39-year-old’s jokes are dipped in her experiences as a woman, as an Indian, and as a tomboy. And they all begin in her life as an Army officer’s daughter. Neeti was born in Agra and brought up all over India. Her father inculcated in her the love for books and reading and her sporty, energetic mother endowed Neeti with a love for short hair, youthful looks and the inability to sit still. Punchline waits impatiently for Neeti to finish talking before pouncing on her again. There’s never a dull moment in the Palta house

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