What accurately will a Mentalist / Mind Reader do at your event?

The Mentalists and Mind Readers can execute a fantastic show that will add the wow factor into celebrations and make an impact on your party guests, whatever their entertainment tastes may be. You can Book Abhishek Acharya Leading International Mind reader as an ice breaker for your Private or Professional event. By simply exploring and reading the micro-expressions of the audience member, the Mentalist can absolutely blow everyone's minds with truths that a perfect stranger couldn't probably know!

When you think of the professional Mind Reading, you may have thought about Abhishek Acharya: the very talented Mentalist/Mind Reader/Magician who will surprisingly guess the card you've picked?

Well, this is positively one of the best known Mind Reading tricks, although the modern Mind Reader can do so much more to amaze the audience!

Let's talk about the Mentalist/ Mind Reader /Magician who actually love to predict the lottery numbers...



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India's Top Rated Mind Reader and Illusionist

Abhishek Acharya is famous Indian Mind Reader and Mentalist who has been a wonderful TEDx speaker twice. He was originally raised in Bihar's Munger. His parents are retired professors. After completing his graduation in B. Tech in Bihar, he got fascinated towards Magic Tricks and Mind Readings and performed amazing feats of psychological illusion to use multiple skills to understand how people think.

Abhishek has been performing and mind reading at various kind of corporate events, private parties and weddings around the world for more than a decade engaging as few as 20 guests at a dinner party or 1000s on stage at a grand event. His exclusive combination of Mind Reading, Magic and Mentalism has been amazed and cherished by thousands of people in the current years.

Simultaneously performing various magic tricks, he can also make people Laugh and then huff at the accuracy of his mind reading ability's and predict the outcome of the audiences random thoughts.

His show and mind game create numerous moments of amazement among your guests. Abhishek's each and every performance is packed with hilarious observations and sharp one-liners interspaced with real mind reading. Abhishek is the mix and mingle Mentalist/ Mind Reader who makes everybody in audience feel relaxed, although performing magic tricks and tricks of the mind; he will never make anyone look like a fool!

His first appearance was aired on the channel Color's popular reality talent show titled "India's Got Talent" where he undoubtly amazed the judges including Malaika Arora, Karan Johar and Kirron Kher with his mesmerizing magic tricks. Since then he has been leading number one trending celebrity as Mind Reader and Magician on Social Media networking websites and available on almost every famous TV channels including Zee, Sony, NDTV and others.. The shows are highly interactive, as Abhishek invites guests onstage, using psychology and proposal to predict their thoughts and decisions. Having performed in most of the popular cities of India, he personally feels special about the Delhi- NCRs people for the love and affection shown in his shows. Currently, Abhishek is focusing on worldwide tour to grab and amaze global attention of the people in the rest of the world.

In short, we must say that Mentalists and Mind Readers are amazing entertainers for every kind of event i.e.; corporate event such as trade shows, product launches, award ceremony and shop openings. If possibly you want to host a magic themed party and you are looking for that just right combination entertainer to hire? Well, a Mentalist or a Mind Reader would be idyllic at, say, a Harry Potter themed Birthday party, Christmas party, New Year Party! Abhishek Acharya, the great Mentalist or Mind Reader will fit correctly in with a party that’s a bit off the wall astonishing all with illusions and psychic powers!

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